Supporting Companies Managing Mental Health in the Work Place


Workplace mental health is at crisis point. The management of employee wellness is becoming a critical factor in the success of a business with annual costs of mental ill health topping an average of £1,000 per employee. Levels of absence caused by mental ill health have risen by 72% since 2011.

Strategies, techniques and training to enhance employee wellness. Assistance in developing open culture to mental health.
Development of monitoring techniques for mental health wellness.

Clinical assessment for conditions such as stress, anxiety or addiction disorders. Rapid access to psychiatrists and psychologists who are leaders in their field. Inpatient or outpatient care allowing the needs of the individual and organisation to be met.

Occupation training in resilience techniques. Assistance in recognising early signs of poor mental health. Support in managing an effective work-life balance.

Dealing with the mental health issue at work can be supported through:

  1. Developing an open culture to mental health with policies that promote honest conversations;
  2. Routine monitoring of mental health wellness with early identification of the signs of ill health;
  3. Training in techniques for promoting wellness such as mindfulness and resilience training;
  4. Providing managers, occupational health and HR functions with knowledge, advice and support on the identification and causes of mental ill health;
  5. Ensuring rapid access to effective care for those suffering with a mental health condition;
  6. Providing effective assistance programmes to those returning to work following an episode of poor health.

What our consultants say

Supporting the Management of Mental Health in the Workplace

  • "Most people want to feel understood, and make sense of what is going on for them’ says Dr Arora, ‘I think everyone wants to trust someone who can help them through a tough time, with integrity and compassion, and a shared goal of getting back to their best"

    Dr Niraj Arora Adult Psychiatry
  • "I think that the Cardinal nursing and psychology teams have created for in-patients a uniquely therapeutic milieu that complements our psychiatric treatment. The pleasant environment, personal attention and team work further make this clinic one that I would confidently recommend to a friend or family member."

    Dr Malcolm Hawthorne consultant Psychiatrist
  • "Some who seek help at The Cardinal Clinic have been struggling for many years; others are going through a crisis in their life. Some need a tailored treatment plan selected from the range of psychological therapies available; others will benefit from medication, or a combination of both. And still others simply need some routine mind-management to get their life back on track. At The Cardinal Clinic everyone is treated as an individual and a plan is formed to target their needs in an effective way"

    Siobhan Blackwell Chartered Clinical Psychologist


Cardinal Corporate provides umbrella mental health care for corporate clients. Our mission is to provide outstanding mental health services across the spectrum, from prevention workshops, to looking after those who are unwell, always with the goal of helping your employees to have their very best mental health in work and in life.

We have over forty years experience as a centre of excellence in the provision of private mental healthcare. This has given us a unique insight into the causes and treatments of mental health conditions. We have been entrusted with the care of thousands of company patients over these years from sectors including aviation, technology, telecoms and professional services and from the most junior roles to C-Suite board members.

Corporate Mental Health Care